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Villa Amanecer
$890,000 USD
Location: Lot 44 Tankah Tres on the Riviera Maya (5 Miles North of Tulum, Mexico)

This Spanish colonial  (about 4,000 sq ft.) has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths and a two story classic atrium. Ideally located 100 feet from a calm beach safe for children, this splendidly maintained property enjoys the bright rays of dawn (amanecer).

Fully furnished turnkey, Original owners. Tables and chairs are hand-crafted from mahogany, walnut and cherry hardwoods. Palapa carport.

Rainwater collected by the roof is stored underground in three 5,000 liter plastic tanks to supply showers, washing, and the garden. By facing due east the house greets the sunrise while avoiding the afternoon sun toasting south facing villas. The reliable trade winds carry away insects that can pester other lots.

Of the neighboring 10 lots, lot 44 has the best access to the ocean, with its colorful tropical fish immediately at hand. To view more fish and coral, one can swim out to the reef or take a 10 minute stroll and snorkel along the reef at the north end of the bay. A lovely outdoor shower provides a pleasant rinse after a refreshing ocean swim.

In addition to extensive natural vegetation that screens and protects the property there is an informal tropical garden including flowering hibiscus, bougainvillea, yellow and red ixora, multicolored oleander, orchid tree, Natal plums, flor de mayo (frangipani), desert rose, yellow allemande, and various white and yellow lilies.

Villa Amanecer as viewed from the beach
Contact Information for Villa Amanecer:

Villa Amanecer, Lot 44, Tankah Tres,
Tulum, Quintana Roo, Mexico:
Cell within Mexico 984 876 2143
From the USA 01152 1 984 876 2143